Alberta Council of Disability Services

CET Survey Relaunch Strategy

Since the end of March, CET onsite surveys have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since May 2020, ACDS is offering virtual and digital options for service providers to complete their CET accreditation.

Click here to read the full CET relaunch message from Clova Lehr, Director of Accreditation and Services

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A Note about Survey Dates: 2023

For service providers whose surveys had been suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19, your survey dates for 2023 will revert back to the same months as your original 2020 dates. Doing so should ease the difficulty of booking participants from your organization during the busy summer months as well as make the schedule more manageable for ACDS. For example, if your survey was to have taken place in April or May 2020 but was deferred until July or August, it will again be scheduled for April or May when it comes around again in 2023.


Raising Professional Standards through Accreditation

The ACDS Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards is the recognized benchmark in the Community Disability Services sector. CET addresses aspects of life that are important to Albertans with developmental disabilities who need to access quality services. It is the only accreditation process in Alberta that

  • Was created for Albertans with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Was developed in consultation with individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, and with their families, guardians, and staff

The CET program includes the following designations

CET Level 1
CET Level 2

Additional Indicators

Services for Children with Disabilities
Complex Support Needs
Respite for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Why CET?

Learn about the value and benefits of CET accreditation here

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Accreditation Resources

Access Accreditation resources including, CET Standards Manuals, the CET Preparation Toolkit, field-related Alberta Government legislation, resources on how to become a CET surveyor, and more.